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Today I want to share with you the interview to a big name in men’s fashion Mr. Suket Dhir, I had the pleasure of knowing him at White exhibition during the Milan Fashion Week where he presented his F / W2018 collection, but it is not the first time that Suket Dhir presents his creations in Italy, he was also the winner of the international woolmark prize in 2016 assigned during Pitti Uomo.

As soon as I heard of his arrival in Milan I am going to know and ask him a few questions about his creations, that I admire so much. It was almost like a trip back in time because the designer and I were born in the same city of Punjab (a region of india). I started chatting with him asking her a few questions:

  • What are the inspirations behind your collections?

All my inspirations come from my personal experiences, particularly childhood, but also the stories that live, from my travels and from my friends. I also think that we are all in search of happiness beyond the age, culture, ethnicity and is milan or Delhi happiness binds us together and that’s what I try to convey through my creations.

  • You also have a great preparations of texture which one is your favourite and you love to used for your collection?

For our collections we use different types of fabrics but only natural. I like to play with it by making different combinations such as silk combined with linen or silk blend cotton. we use different of silk all handmade and it’s really hard to find something synthetic in our collections.

  • Instead, if we speak about the collection which today you present at white?

This collection is a mixture of classical Indian fabrics combined with the use of various technologies, for example, we have created the shirts with double layer of lightweight fabric making them usable even in winter.

  • last year you won the international woolmark prize at Pitti, do you wanna tell us something about that experience?

Pitti was one of the most beautiful experience of my life, I come from a small town of India and grew up in New Delhi and Pitti gave me a great opportunity to present my collections in the world and I think it’s a perfect stage for my creations.


  • And if we talk about the future we can find his collection in Italian shops?

“Inshallah” (God want’s it) that I would love. So you think that the Indian fashion is ready to present to the world? Absolutely yes this happens already through various designers like Manish Malhotra who sell his creations around the world.

  • What do you think about the Fusion between two countries such as Italy and India?

I think they are two countries that share so many little things that attract these two countries towards each other always. I was always attracted to all that is fusion and believe in the global version.

  • And to close i wanna know the must-have of the male wardrobe in your opinion?

For me in a man’s wardrobe can not miss the wool trouser and bomber jackets, then I love the classic style and often create outfits playing with different fabrics.

And so we came to the conclusion but before we say goodbye Suket asking me if I was able to speak in Punjabi (regional language) I replied with a confident tone in Punjabi ofcourse, then we have got to travel in the city where we were born rehearsing some memories , it’s hard to describe my emotion, but it was really nice share with him mine and her memories.

But not over here I could finally touch and try some of his creations made from many small details.







I hope you enjoyed my experience let me know what do you think about the collection and ofcourse about my interview.

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  1. vivalaViv · marzo 29

    What a great interview! I totally adore Suket Dhir’s uniqueness on wool fashion!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 persona

  2. MEI MOMOKO. · marzo 11, 2017

    Beautiful! bellissimi richiami wild e dettagli in colore ⭐️💪😎

    Liked by 1 persona


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