The road is often the “home”of so many people and so many activities that fill every corner of the city. The street is the place where everyone is welcome; you meet people, they share stories and lives are told. On the street you look in the face. As well as music, fashion also often inspired by the street.

Fashion also born in the street, because fashion is in the street, the fashion is made up of people who by their imagination and creativity leave an imprint on street. Someone after them follow those footprints. Fashion makes its way through contexts and social, religious, political choices, sexual and personal choices. Fashion draws its way.

We get inspired by rap singers, with their music, give life to the streets. We leave you with a few clicks made through the streets of Bergamo city, in companion of Yaar Munish (singer and composer of Indian music) and Sunny Lalka (rap singer of Indian origin).

La strada è spesso la “casa” di tante persone e di tante attività che riempono ogni angolo della città.

La strada è il luogo dove tutti sono benvenuti; si incontrano persone, si condividono storie e le vite si raccontano. In strada ci si guarda in faccia.

Così come la musica, anche la moda spesso si ispira alla strada.

La moda nasce anche in strada, perchè la moda è in strada, la moda è fatta di persone che con la loro fantasia e creatività lasciano un’impronta sulla strada. Qualcuno dopo di loro seguiranno quelle impronte. La moda si fa strada tra contesti e condizioni sociali, religiose, scelte politiche, sessuali e scelte personali. La moda disegna la sua strada.

Ci siamo fatti ispirare dai cantanti rap, con la loro musica, danno vita alle strade. Vi lasciamo con alcuni scatti fatti per le vie di Bergamo città in compagna di  Yaar Munish (cantante e compositore della musica indiana) e Sunny Lalka (cantante ReB di origine indiana)

You also create your fashion, leaving you inspired by those who encountered.

Create anche voi la vostra moda, lasciandovi ispirare da chi incontrate.








  1. zllvs · ottobre 17, 2016

    Nice urban styles!

    Liked by 1 persona

  2. vivalaViv · giugno 9, 2016

    You guys must had lots of fun doing the street-style photo shoot!! Great photos.., love the energy!

    Vivienne X

    Liked by 1 persona

  3. oramenina · giugno 3, 2016

    Very cute!! xx

    Liked by 1 persona

  4. EmilyAnn Frances · giugno 3, 2016

    You are right about the origins of fashion in 21st century. Up until the early 1960s fashion was dictated by only couture designers and made popular by the very rich. What they designed and what the rich bought was diffused into the mainstream. There was no freedom of choice. There really wasn’t enough freedom to develop a personal style. There was just style as defined by a well known fashion writer, rich people or exclusive designers.

    The 1960s Youthquake changed everything forever. Fashions got mixed up. Rich and poor mingled. Simple denim pants worn with silk shirts and high heels or for boys leather boots with heels. So many changes until by the 1980s it started to breakdown and now we have real choice. There are trends but nobody dictates and limits our choices anymore.

    That is what makes fashion from the bottom up–from the street to the showroom possible. You did a great job on this posting.

    Liked by 1 persona

    • italianpanti · giugno 6, 2016

      Thanks EmilyAnn, you are also right. We agree with you and we hope that fashion could be accessible from everybody.

      Mi piace


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