“Lakme fashion week S/R 16” Opening day


Another india fashion week opened the doors last night “Lakme Fashion Week S / R16” and inaugurate it was Manish Malhotra presenting a collection inspired by the essential elements of life: Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

Un altra settimana della moda india ha aperto le porte ieri sera “Lakme Fashion Week S/R16” ed inaugurarla è stato Manish Malhotra che presenta a collezione ispirata agli elementi essenziali della vita: Aria, Acqua, Fuoco e Terra.

here are some of our favorite looks

ecco alcuni dei nostri look preferiti .



which one is your favorite?


  1. Calle · settembre 22, 2016

    Great Designs nevertheless

    Mi piace

  2. italianpanti · marzo 31, 2016

    Yes we agree with you also because the actress on the picture has a nice smile. Smiling is important because emphasizes the outfit but in fashion it’s something weird.

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  3. EmilyAnn Frances · marzo 31, 2016

    I love the dress in the very first photo. The color and the strategic use of the beading provides an clever contrast of what is covered and what is showing. What makes this a winning photo is:
    1. The model has a healthy look and body weight.
    2. She is smiling and exudes enthusiasm.
    I know models are supposed to be second to the clothing but many times their unexpressive faces cause me to bypass the fashion and move on to the next. It is not the photographer but the idea that models must not express anything that doesn’t always sell a viewer on the outfit.

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