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I hope you are all very well, we have reached the 94th edition of Pitti Uomo, but before bringing you my instagram stories, I wanted to share with you some photos of my January 2018 look. Where I wore a gray suit with brown crew-neck and brown coat all combined with a red-colored turban.

Namasté ragazzi

Spero state tutti molto bene siamo giunti alla 94essima edizione di Pitti Uomo, ma prima di portarvi li tranite le mie instagram stories volevo condividere con voi qualche foto del mio look del gennaio 2018. Dove indossavo un un completo grigio con girocollo marrone e cappotto marrone, tutto abbinato ad un turbante color rosso.

So what do you say you like this look ??

Allora che dite vi piace questo look??

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Coco Capito, a young Spanish artist and new artistic talent who already during the Fall and winter Gucci’s show decorated two looks, the invitation to the show and the t-shirt worn by the creative director during the bowling finale. He was recalled to speack about the Gucci world through a collection of unisex garments, backpacks, marsupi, hoodies and hoodies, shirts, shirts and coats, in different colors and used as a canvas on which to write on the messages.

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Namastè guys

And it closed another menswear fashion week spring / summer 2018, the New York Fashion Week with a calendar made of various shows and presentations, but as in every country during the fashion even the streets become catwalk for the works, bloggers and influencers… who dictating trends in the up-coming seasons. Let’s go find out some of my favorite looks together.

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SALES TIME!! WHAT TO BUY? Here some tips for him


Namastè Guys

Finally we talk about a topic that often makes all women go crazy, but also for men is not the least: SALES but we are always sure to buy what we will wear more than once or it just appears because it has a very affordable price Without thinking too much, because you want to get out of the shop as soon as possible to breathe a little air, it happened to me. But this year I decided not to buy anything, I mean in shopping malls I want to get comfortable on my sofa, looking on several online stores and select the items to buy, then buy them directly or on the site otherwise go to the store with the photo Try and buy without losing too much time and especially without stress.

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